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About Us


What is in a name?

We think our name says a lot about our company and knowing why we call ourselves Heart Tea Heart should tell you quite a bit about us and our motivations. "Heart Tea Heart" is a play on words taken from the famous saying of having a "heart to heart" conversation. The first "Heart" stands for our love of tea and the second "Heart" stands for our love of our community. If you put that all together, you get a socially responsible tea store who is committed not only to talking about tea and educating people about tea, but also to being part of the community in which we work.


Who are you?

In this fast paced world of online sales and social media, sometimes it's nice to know who is the real flesh and blood person that you are actually dealing with. When you buy something from Heart Tea Heart or if you chat with @heartteaheart on twitter, you are most likely talking with Rob Olsen, who founded the company in the spring of 2016. Rob is a food photographer, tea sommelier, and general foodie extraordinaire! 


So... Why Tea?

Rob gets asked this question a lot. Why did you decide to start a tea company?

"Imagine you were able to do something you love everyday instead of just working at a boring nine to five job. That's the dream. I love drinking tea. I love talking about tea. I want to help make your tea drinking experience better. I already have been working for years as a food photographer, so branching off into the tea industry isn't that big a jump. The big benefit to starting your own company is that it gives you the control to build a company whose goals and values you can be proud of." 


Where you are located?

Heart Tea Heart is presently an online store, but through out the summer you will see us at various small events. We hope to have a mall kiosk in place in the Ottawa area by Fall 2016 and a mobile refreshment cart by Spring 2017.