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Having a Heart to Heart

Greetings Tea Lovers,

Since you've found my blog page, I can only assume that you are as excited as I am to continue/start your journey of tea exploration. This blog will hopefully help us both on our journeys. I have already spent the last two years as a student of tea, doing my tea sommelier courses with the Tea Association of Canada and now the next phase in my journey is to open up my own tea store and take on the role of a teacher. Perhaps by reading my blog posts you'll learn something new about tea that'll help you out on your personal journey. My plan is to have several different categories of articles, you can follow them all if you wish, or only tune in for the ones that interest you the most.

The first category is Know About Tea. Articles marked "Know About Tea" will attempt to educate you about the history of tea, how tea is grown and processed, different methods of drinking tea, best practices, etc...  

The Second category is Rob's Tea Journey. This is going to be typical blog posts about my own personal experiences. I may visit other tea stores, I may interview other industry professionals and if I'm very lucky I may even travel to other countries and have wild tea drinking adventures.

The third category is the News articles. These are important changes in my own business, new products, sales, special events. After all I can't survive without selling tea but it also gives you, the customer, the ability to buy from me directly in person and therefore save on shipping charges. 

The fourth and final category is called A Foodie's Journal. One part of the tea industry that is often overlooked is the use of tea in gastronomy. As a food photographer I do have quite a passion for food. So we will talk about tea in cooking, but I will go off topic and discuss everything from gardening to foodie events and many other things.  

Stay tuned!